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ouare embarking on the most fascinating journey of life—the journey of discovering your child. Your child may be yours by birth, adoption, or marriage; he or she may be your grandchild or nephew or niece who lives with you. This amazing, one-of-a-kind boy or girl whom God has placed in your life to nurture and guide is yourchild.

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Parenting. Christian couples are unanimous that children are to be raised in the “fear and wisdom of the Lord.”. But principles for how best to.

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The effect of godly parenting is felt through the generations as this example shows: a) Max Jukes and Jonathan Edwards This table compares the family trees of two men who lived at the same time (18th century) in the same part of America: Name: Max Jukes Jonathan Edwards Belief: Irreligious Married to: Christian (preacher) A godly girl An.


Nov 17, 2020 · On this page, you will find over 1,000+ Free Christian Books PDF that you can download for free right now on your smartphone or laptop computer. We’ve sorted all the books by category, and author. All you need to do is to scrol down and click on the tile of any book you’d like to download..

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